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The Max Hotels Group is an innovative hospitality conglomerate, with a diverse portfolio spanning hotels, food and beverage and fast-moving consumer goods.

Hotel Partner with Max Hotels

The Max Hotels experience is now open to other hotel owners! As the largest hotel company in North East India, spanning hotels, resorts, and cafes with hundreds of hotel rooms, we redefine hospitality across the region. Join us as we aim to expand to 3000 hotel rooms in 35 North East destinations. Max Hotels offers owners the opportunity to leverage our wealth of experience and expertise developed over the years. We provide comprehensive services to transform your concept into a successful and sustainably-operated hotel project.

Hotel development, from construction to operations, can be a complex endeavor. With a proven track record, we've tackled this challenge multiple times. As hotel owners ourselves, we understand your aspirations and concerns. We work closely with our owner partners to create intelligent hotels that excel in service and accounting, all while harnessing the marketing and distribution strengths of dedicated sales and marketing teams.

We provide support in various verticals:

  • Design, Layouts, Finishes
  • Processes & Operations
  • Training
  • Online Reservations
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Financial Controls

Come and be part of the largest hotel company in North East India.

If you're interested in having us acquire, lease, or manage your hotel, please reach out to us at